If at first you don't succeed, you're not trying hard enough!



Hi and welcome to my website. You may have guessed my name by now although if not it's Chris Williams (well actually Christopher Williams but I'm guessing your not my mother, so it's Chris!). No middle name, just plain old first and second name.

I am interested in many things, the main ones are here on this site and as I like to share with others I decided to create this website to show my experiences and knowledge. I am creating a free website for computer tutorials at the moment too which is 100% free to use and view the tutorials. I will hope to create more websites in the future and the plan is to write them and run them for free (you shouldn't have to pay for information right?).

Although my websites are always free, I do still need to eat occassionally and I prefer shelter when it rains so I do require some form of payment which is why I use adverts and sponsors on the site. Don't worry though I do have a 'proper' job too!

Looking over the menu titles on my menu i'm sure you can figure what most of the subjects are. In a nutshell this site is about books, movies, computers, websites, travel and adventure and fitness. Oh and my love of cars!

I hope you enjoy some of the info and stories that are on here. If you have any questions or enquiries please contact me

All About Me

I know the website is kind of about me, but not really! The website items are my likes, experiences etc but general subjects in their own right too. If you want to know more about me then click here to read my profile.

Alternatively if you are very brave, read my story. It is actually quite interesting (I know i would say that with it being about me!), but seriously my life has been like a drama!.